Pink Nurseries for Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

Aromatic, Fruit, Herbal, Medicinal and Timber Plants

Customer Testimonials

Curcuma Caesia which we've obtained from Pink Nurseries for our Research use is one of the most valuable RET plant species available in Indian sub-continent. Thanks for your affords to raise and protect such rare plants for future generations.

- Dr.Trich Throng, SRF, CA

Melia Dubia with CO4 crop is really a good idea and we are gaining money form the grass in regular interval and retaining plants for long term.

- Uma Maheshwar, Agriculturist.

I've planted Red sanders in 4 acres in association with Pink Nurseries at Betampudi Village, Tekulapally Mandal of Khammam Dist, Telangana in the year 2011. Now they are 14 feet and above in height. It will be a great asset to my children. Thanks for support and supply of right plants.

                                                                                             - Sarvesh, Farmer, Betampudi, Telangana

Seasonal inter crops in Red Sanders block plantation is very satisfactory. Thanks for the idea.

- B.Ashoak, Ideal Farmer, Telangana.