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Malabar Neem / Melia Dubia Clones with Buy Back Option

Posted on 29 August, 2015 at 6:55

We supply you high yield, fastest grwoing Melia Dubia / Malabar Neem Clones. These plants can be harvested in 6-7years time. Clones can be plant with an espacement of 10' X 10' minimum to 15' X 15' maximum distances. General space to be maintained is: 10' X 10' where 435 plant required per acre plantation. Including Periphery, maximum 500 plants can be planted.

We not just supply plants to the farmers, we also provide full consultancy right from selling saplings to end harvest. We also provide the interested farmers a Buy back agreement if they required.

Timber Veneer Peeling Industries are very much in need of timbers like Melia Dubia / Malabar Neem because of their stright cylindrical stem and colorful texture of wood.

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